Jaro Stone fucks Ryan Olsen (Staxus)


What a couple of fit cuties! Ryan Olsen sure is brave to take Jaro Stone’s long, curvy cock in his ass…but it turns out to be  a fun time for everyone involved! Jaro’s tight abs look amazing as he plows Ryan’s smooth ass – enjoy the scene!

How else could you possibly describe Jaro Stone and Ryan Olsen other than being a pair of cute, fine-featured pups? Unless, of course, you’ve already seen them in action prior to this scene and you wanted to say that they’re a pair of cute, fine-featured and incredibly horny pups instead! For the simple fact is that each of these lads is the very epitome of horned-up youth, whose whole existence gravitates from one sexual encounter to the next.

Throw them together, therefore, and you instantly have the potential of a top-class vignette that will seer itself into the back of the brain forever – and the good news is that they don’t disappoint! Stone, in particular, is on top-notch form, not least of all when he engages in a lengthy, close-up one-on-one with his buddy’s dick; but Olsen is also very clearly eager to entertain, slurping on Stone’s oversized ramrod with feverish gusto before the two fellows fall into 69-position and simultaneously stimulate each other to the brink of ecstasy.

Don’t get over-excited yourself, however. Instead, take a deep breath and get ready to savour the explicit delight of Olsen taking every single raw inch of Stone’s rock-hard butt-picker, even sitting on the fuckin’ monster for maximum effect. It’s a sight that’d get a hard-on even from the most lacklustre porn aficionados; and it’s no wonder at all that both guys are soon ready to blow, for which Olsen must take top credit by splattering Stone’s divine little face with a generous wad of hot spunk! In short, a ball-achingly stupendous offering from start to spunky finish!

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