Mike James and Shane Hirch flip flop (Staxus)


Mike James and Shane Hirch are two fit, sexy twinks with a little bit of a kinky side – and they’re ready to let it out! Of course, they’re also unleashing their meaty twink cocks, which are both so delicious that they can’t decide which they want to use! A hot flip flop scene ensues, so make sure to enjoy every thrust!

STAXUS exclusive, Mike James, shows us the kinkier side to his personality in the company of fellow sex-addict, Shane Hirch. The truth of the matter is that you’re gonna be hard pressed to choose between these two beauties – both lads being almost as fucking gorgeous as the other – but the good news for each and every one of us is that you simply don’t have to choose.

Just sit back, unzip and savour every single sordid little second of ripened perversion that these boys can throw in our direction. Beginning with James being handcuffed to a bed whilst his buddy captures his pal’s plight via a hand-held camcorder; before Hirch takes a cane to James’s buckled, leather hot-pants! What’s more, the kink is made all the more intense by the fact that Hirch conducts his “interrogation” whilst donning some rather provocative underwear of his own, together with a pair of Doc Marten boots – which, incidentally, remain on his feet throughout! It’s an unquestionably erotic start to what quickly becomes an even more intense coupling, with the fellows soon splayed out in 69-position on the sofa sucking each other’s dicks!

Shortly after, James is grinding down on Hirch and taking every solid, uncut inch that his buddy can thrust in his direction – a move that Hirch himself replicates a few minutes later. The result is a fantastic, ball-breaking flip-flop that’ll have you jerking off in no time, and which leads to both these Adonises jerking out terrifically satisfying wads of sticky, gooey nad-juice!

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