Darren and Brian jerk off (Island Studs)


Ugh, such sexy and hung straight studs! Don’t you wish you could have open-minded straight friends like Darren and Brian? They’re so charming and friendly, maybe they’d even let you touch their big, juicy cocks! Enjoy watching these two hot island boys play together for the first time!

Big Dick Darren, the sexy Waikiki lifeguard, and Horse-Hung Brian, our cute surfer / skater college boy, are back jerking off together!  Watching these two young straight Island Studs with their massive boy cocks is so sexy!  This is the very first time Darren has jerked off with a buddy!  His girlfriend was all for it – his first male bonding experience.  We love encouraging girlfriends!  Cocky Brian explains on camera that he used to jerk off with a couple of his high school buddies when he was only 16 years old!  “We used to do it all the time in my bedroom,” Brian says with a big smile!  Like the Kyle & Dan duo, these athletic guys are a delight to see naked together.  Almost immediately Darren & Brian become comfortable with each other, joking around, flexing muscles, laughing as they strip off their surf shorts outside!  I put them to work in the sun fully naked, cleaning the lawn chairs!  We get to see ALL ANGLES of each of their fine young smooth bodies as they soap up and wash the chairs!  There are some great shots of both boys asses as they bend over to reach the bottom of the chairs!  Lots of exposed sweaty boy butt here!  They both forget about the cameras and work as if they are alone together naked in tropical paradise!  After their nude work, Darren washes down Brian’s sexy tan body with the garden hose.  What a sight to see the boys washing each other!  Check out their pissing competition!  One of the lads, we discover, becomes piss shy in front of his jerk off buddy!  LOL!  But the best footage of these two young BIG DICK BOYS is of them jerking off together.  Check out their balls – both have giant nut sacks!  Like Ollie & Jesse, this priceless pair have BIG BALLS!  Despite their playful demeanor outside in the garden, the tension builds as they get close to busting a nut together!  Like the King Brothers, there are some great intimate moments here!  You will not believe the massive load of milk Darren and Brian release!  It’s a flood of boy juice!  We are pleased these two surfer studs keep returning to Island Studs and sharing their sexy times with us! Mahalo guys!

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