Louis Blakeson and Mickey Taylor flip flop at the beach (Staxus)


Louis Blakeson and Mickey Taylor both cheated on each other, and today they are both confessing to it on a trip to the beach. Luckily instead of breaking up right there on the spot, they decide to give make-up sex a shot before having break-up sex! I think they’ll stay together, what about you? Enjoy watching Louis and Mickey flip flop on the beach!

With the warm Portuguese sunshine beating down and the roar of the Atlantic in the background, it’s no small wonder that boyfriends Louis Blakeson and Mickey Taylor are feeling as fresh and as horny as it’s possible for young men to feel. But for all that feel-good glow, there’s something eating into Taylor’s mind – a sense of guilt that’s casting a shadow on this boy’s holiday. Time for confession, it seems.

If anything, however, Taylor’s admission that he’s had sex with Paul Walker simply ups the ante – mainly because Blakeson has his own confession to make regarding Orlando White. Realising that they’re clearly both as faithless as each other, they’re now free to make up by enjoying the hottest, wildest sex imaginable – and boy do they go for it! Sucking each off in the sand, then heading for the nearby woods to fuck each other silly, these two fellows put any notion of holiday romance to one side in order to savour the thrills and spills of mindless fornication – exactly the kind of action that we all love to see!

Each moaning and groaning like a pair of wild dingos, grinding their hips into each others’ asses as they do so, it’s no real wonder that they’re both very quickly at the point of no return – at which point they each lie side by side in the sun and simultaneously jerk out hefty wads of ball-batter over their own bellies. Whether you like the inked physique of Taylor or the pale skin of Blakeson – or maybe even both! – this spunktastic trip to the seaside is sure to drain your balls dry!

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