Dane plays with his big dick (Island Studs)


Dane from Island Studs is yet another sexy…well, stud! He’s got sexy surfer hair, a big smile, a big dick, and a fit beefy body! He’s also just fuzzy enough for a good, warm cuddle in his muscular arms…while I jerk his juicy cock, of course! Maybe one day. For now, enjoy checking out Dane’s hot solo scene!

Dane is a semi-pro body boarder living in Hawaii with a great body sculpted from hours in the gym and dedication to his sport.  This young jock has a great set of pecs, rock hard abs, and an amazing hairy muscle ass!  His pretty boy face and friendly smile attracts both women and men when he is out in the water catching waves.  This is Dane’s first time modeling naked for the camera.  He begins the shoot by stripping naked in the bathroom and shaving his sweet face with his dick flopping over the sink’s edge.  Watch as his nervousness melts away when I put him to work naked in the sun, trimming the bushes in the tropical garden.  He becomes totally free, sweating fully naked in the Hot Hawaiian Sun!  His ripped abs and bright face become covered with his own man sweat.  Check out the big cock swinging between his hairy thighs and his all-natural body hair as he works.  Like Loren & Alec, Dane is a rare boy with a well defined MAN’S body.  A real boy / man!  Watch as he even exposes his hairy butt hole several times as he bends over to cut the lower branches from a bush!  This surfer has one yummy muscle butt, much like Stan & Chase!  Lovers of hairy boy butt will love watching Dane work outdoors.  Listen to him describe how much he likes being naked in front of the camera!  He even rolls over on his broad tan surfer back to expose his pink man hole with a big Dane grin!  Dane really enjoys his new job as a naked model.  The best part of the film is watching Dane jerk his big beautiful dick all by himself when I leave him alone sitting in the garden with the camera rolling.  He is so excited by the camera that he looks directly at us and waves his rock hard dick.  This young exhibitionist moans loudly when he finally releases a BIG LOAD of thick cum all over his fat cock shaft!  His creamy goo oozes down his hairy nut sac!  With jizz covering his thick dick, Dane takes a LONG piss in the toilet before he cleans himself in the shower.  Dane then gets in the swimming pool to float on a raft in the sun.  Check out his heavy nut sac popping out between his hairy muscle thighs and white surfer butt in the water!  Pool lovers will enjoy him splashing around in the warm water.  Like Anderson, Dane is one surfer Island Stud with one of the best muscle bodies we have seen on the beaches of our Island!  Enjoy every inch of this young jock!

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