Lukas Grande fucks Stefan Nash (Helix Studios)


Lukas Grande definitely has something “grande” in his “pantalones”! Or out of them, rather, as he wakes up naked in bed with fellow sexy twink Stefan Nash! They can’t remember if they already hooked up last night or not after all their partying, so they decide to be sure just in case! Enjoy watching Lukas plow Stefan!

Dirty, flirty blondes Lukas Grande and Stefan Nash experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they get swept up in an intense one-night-stand. The next morning the two sexy strangers find themselves lying in bed reminiscing about the best love making of their lives and trying to piece together the thrills of their wild sexcapade. Always the perfect gentleman, Lukas politely tries to leave but Stefan isn’t ready to let their time together come to an end and convinces his new lover to stay with some skilled morning head. Lukas proceeds to pound Stefan all over again proving their passionate affair was more than just a dream.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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