Evan Parker fucks Tyler Hill (Helix Studios)


Is Evan Parker possibly the perfect boy? He’s a hottie of course, especially in that blue cap! But when Tyler Hill doesn’t feel like doing anything else, Evan decides to help him procrasturbate! One of my favorite activities! So in addition to being the essence of hotness, Evan is also a really good friend – how sweet! Too bad he’s not my friend…YET! Enjoy watching Evan plow the adorable Tyler!

Procrasturbation [pro·cras·tur·ba·tion]: A similar experience to masturbation, it feels good while you’re doing it but afterwards you realize that you just fucked yourself; Doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones; The act of Tyler Hill delaying or postponing his cum shot until he explodes. Ex: “I didn’t feel like working on my project so, instead, I just laid around procrasturbating.” “Your first tip is to avoid procrasturbation.” “Man, I love procasturbation!”


Click here now to check out the full scene at Helix Studios.

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