Skyler jacks off (Southern Strokes)


Yum! Skyler is a slim, sexy, Southern boy with a nice dick! Just look at its thick shaft and nice, bulging head! Can’t you imagine it pressing against the back of your throat? Enjoy watching Skyler blow a hot load!

Skyler is a young country boy that has twink written all over him. If you ask Skyler, he will tell you that he is bi-sexual but after you spend about 30 seconds with him, I’m sure there will be no question in your mind that his slim stud likes boys.

It’s always fascinating to hear about how these country boys get their first sexual experiences but Skyler’s story was definitely a surprise. Skyler told us about the time that he was 12 years old at church camp with another 30 12 year old boys in his bunk room. Yes these boys went all the way non-stop for 7 days straight.
We learned another little tidbit about Skyler during his visit. For all you cum lovers out their, this country boy once came 12 times in one day. Yes I said he shot 12 loads of country cum all in one 24 hour period. He did admit that the final load was more like a little puff of air.

Skyler finally got naked and pulled out a long thick cut cock and he didn’t let up from that point forward. He had to squeeze himself off a couple of times so that he didn’t shoot so quick but the last time he was to late and he sprayed a thick load of twinky country cum all over his stomach.

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