Aaron surfs naked (Island Studs)


Aaron is both studly and adorable with his cute face and nice surfer’s body. And just check out his big bubble butt! Wouldn’t you like for him to teach you how to surf? Enjoy watching Aaron jerk a nice load out!

Aaron, the super cute super flirty blond surfer is back, now naked at the beach and working at his house!  He is just as friendly and comfortable running around naked as he was before.  This straight surfer with the great white furry ass agreed to a photo shoot in the cluttered Island surf shack he shares with a friend.  Watch as he chops down a banana tree with a 14″ machette, wearing only flip flops!  His beautiful sun-bronzed skin becomes wet with sweat and dirty as he works.  Like Stella, he looses himself in his outdoor nudist work and forgets he is not wearing clothes!  His friendly face and the sparkling diamond studded earrings he wears make his look like a frat boy anyone would want to meet!  The best footage is of eager Aaron, stripping naked out in public on a black sand beach and climbing on his surf board for his first attempt at SURFING NAKED!  Look at that bone white bubble butt baking in the hot Hawaiian sun on the end of his surf board!  Sweet, sexy Aaron is super HOT!  If you have you ever wanted to see what the American actor Woody Harrelson would look like showering naked outside, check out Aaron’s face as he showers with the garden hose.  Like Layne, Ricky and Lance, Aaron is an all-natural blonde Island Stud we are pleased to see in the ocean daily – catching waves.

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