Jason Keys and Zane Penn have a little holiday fun. (GayHoopla)


GayHoopla decided to take Jason Keys and Zane Penn up north for a mini vacation. The guys pass the time by entertaining themselves with some singing and sharing stories. One of these stories is how Jason has never had road head. Zane takes the cue and goes on his buddy’s nice cock. After quite a long period of attention to this cock, Jason blows all over himself.

After the long but very sexy car ride, Jason and Zane found themselvesĀ on a beautiful hike. There was a bit of time before nightfall, so the guys wandered around and got to know each other better. They even shared a few unplanned kisses.

In the cabin for the night and with it getting chilly outside, the guys didn’t wait very long to get things heated up. Jason remembers his first road head experience on the car ride up so he returns the favor by going down on Zane’s cock. The intense cock sucking got Zane so worked up that he needed to fuck Jason. Zane definitely used every muscle as he each thrust made Jason moan so loud. Even though he was enjoying being a power top, Zane wanted some dick in his ass too. Jason took his turn and drilled Zane hard until they both exploded.

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