Max jacks off by the pool (Corbin Fisher)


Aww…Max is SUCH a cutie! He’s an amazingly sexy 18 year old, yes, but he’s just so adorable that I wouldn’t mind just cuddling him or even just being his friend. That’s how strong the power of his cuteness is…but, if he did want to have sex with me…that’s be awesome! Enjoy watching Max hang out by the pool and have some solo fun!

Seriously… it must be something about this time of year and how classes have started up at campuses across the country over the course of the last couple months that has led all these hot, young, fresh-faced freshmen to CF.  Max is the most recent among them, and those eyes and that smile might make him a favorite for many of you!

Max is one of those innocent looking guys that has himself quite the mischievous streak – he and a girlfriend would go out of their way having fun in public, including mall changing rooms.  He confesses he knew there was always the risk of being caught during his public fun, but he didn’t mind that one bit.

Something I really enjoy about this hot 18 year old is how he’s so goodlooking and such a stud, but can’t help but shyly laugh and chuckle at times while Pete’s talking to him during his solo.  Any shy laughs give way to deep moans and panting as Max strokes a load out – and that hot v-line and tight abs end up drenched in his big load.

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