Masseur Arthur Kral works on Ivo Thomas (Staxus)


Arthur Kral is one young hot masseur! Knowing that his sexy hands would be touching your body would arouse most people. His client today, Ivo Thomas, is a test for Arthur’s professionalism. He wears only a jockstrap during the massage which makes his bubble butt so hot! After working on Ivo’s back, Ivo removes the jockstrap and flips over. Arthur works on his arms, pecs and smothers Ivo’s cock in oil. With no resistance, this is a green light for more!

Ivo shows his appreciation for the excellent massage by sucking on Arthur’s nice cock. Arthur oils up his rock hard cock and slowly inserts it into Ivo’s tight hole. The fucking is intense and varied as they change positions. Enjoy watching the two sexy boys fuck until they are a sweaty and sticky mess.

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