Roscoe Hayes jacks off (Squirtz)


Roscoe Hayes is a sexy, twinky cutie with a big dick, bubble butt, and open personality. He’s also apparently bisexual! Yay! Or maybe just sexual in general, because he seems to like everything under the sun that will make him cum! Enjoy his hot solo scene!

People who know Roscoe Hayes would probably not be surprised to see him on our website. As he says he “celebrates nudity” and seems to do a lot of that kind of celebration. He poses as a nude model for art classes and participates in some naked retreats out in the woods. For someone who’s naked as often as possible it’s not surprising that he has a healthy interest in sex and that interest extends to sex with either men or women or both if the opportunity arises. And though Roscoe is versatile, he did profess a preference for bottoming and even claims to be able to cum without touching his dick when he’s being fucked by the right guy. You will noticeĀ in this shoot for Squirtz that when it’s getting close to cumshot time, his left hand makes it’s way down to his ass to give him just that little extra sensation to get him over the top.


Click here now to check out the full scene at Squirtz.

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