Borek Sokol pops Vilem Posto’s cherry. (William Higgins)


Vilem Posto goes all-in when doing new things, so it wasn’t surprising that he was fine with having his cherry popped the first time he hooked up with a guy. Luckily, William Higgins paired Vilem up with experienced Borek Sokol.

The two chat on a sofa for a while to get to know each other. After getting shirtless, Borek starts to touch Vilem’s smooth and toned chest. He continues to expose Vilem to more male on male action and kisses his neck and shoulder. These new touches feel good and Vilem responds by rub Borek’s groin. Soon they are both naked and stroke each other’s cock.

Borek has Vilem stand so he can suck his cock. Vilem’s facial expressions tell you how much he enjoys it. After more sucking, Vilem and Borek get into a 69 position. Vilem takes to sucking cock like a duck to water which Borek certainly appreciates!

Borek gets Vilem into another position so that he can rim the tight virgin hole. Once it starts to loosen, Borek lubes up a finger and slips it in. Vilem’s hole loosens up more so Borek fills it with a vibrator. It takes a minute but Vilem relaxes and lets the vibrator do its job.

Now that Vilem’s ass is initiated to some penetration, Borek has him lay on his stomach. Borek slams his cock deep into Vilem’s ass. He takes it like a champ as the pain changes to pleasure. As the fucking gets more intense, Vilem pumps hot cum all over his smooth abs. Borek continues to fuck until he’s ready then pulls out and blasts a load all over Vilem’s nice body.

It’ll be hot to see Vilem return for more hot fucking. I think we have a very hot bottom in training.

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