Jake Silver fucks Alex Greene (College Dudes)


Aww, Jake Silver and Alex Greene would make a cute couple! From just the photos, they seem to have a good chemistry. We all know Alex is quite hung, but it turns out newcomer Jake is also packing a big, delicious dick! Enjoy watching usual-top Alex give up his ass to Jake!

Jake Silver is a newbie on the set, and Alex Greene is back for more after taking a break from porn, so this combination of experienced and innocent makes for a very fun scene! These boys start with some kisses, making out and taking it slow before Jake wraps his lips around Alex’s cock, working that dick with his wet mouth as Alex shows him just how he likes it.

They lock lips again and Alex goes for Jake’s junk, massaging it a little before he directs that hottie back to his prick, making him work for his pleasure with some more oral! Then, finally, once this newbie has done his time cock-sucking, he gets some head before he rimming Alex’s tight hole then shoving his dick inside of it! Jake bends Alex over the bed and pounds his tight hole, dominating that ass as he pumps in and out of Alex, then flipping him on his back and fucking him that way!

Alex is loving Jake’s long, hard cock up his ass and he strokes his own prick while Jake tops him, and then Alex climbs onto Jake and rides that dick until he cums all over this newbie, then makes Jake stroke his own dick until he busts a nut!


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