Alasdair Ford and his secret porn stash (eurocreme)


Oh Alasdair Ford, stop leading your poor girlfriend on and just get with a hot guy already! Or a few hot guys. It’s always sad when you see deeply closeted boys…good think it’s just a porn scene in this case! Enjoy watching Alasdair have a sneaky gay jerk off when his girlfriend is away!

When his girl is out of the way, it’s time for blond twink Alasdair to get his secret stash of porn from under the mattress and get his fix of cock and ass! His dick can’t help but grow in his hands as he gazes upon Eurocreme’s finest, so much so that he pulls out his fleshjack, giving us the greatest view of what his cock would look like as it penetrates. Working it back and forth, his thick dick visibly throbs until he shoots load after load all over the magazine, marking his page for next time

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