Brad Fitt fucks and rides bound Blake Hanson (Staxus)


Staxus twink Brad Fitt gives a warm, kinky welcome to newcomer Blake Hanson in this hot scene! Blake is bound to the bed and covered in hot wax, while Brad fucks his ass and uses Blake’s cock as his own personal riding toy. Enjoy the scene!

The indisputable queens of gay porn, Brad Fitt and Connor Levi, are on the lookout for a new co-star – though whether their subsequent interview of Blake Hanson represents a genuine reflection of the recruiting protocol is certainly open to question. Still, liberties to reality aside, the two hosts decide that the best way to test their new fuck-buddy’s credentials is to tie the fellow to a bed and treat him to a sexy mix of kink and bondage – a move that clearly gets the young newbie’s juices flowing big style!

Or at least that’s the impression that we get from the raging hard-on that the boy has got pounding away in his crotch – a thick, meaty shaft that Fitt promptly snatches between his lips and gives an uncompromising blow-job to. Not that sucking Hanson’s dick is the young fellow’s prime objective in this scene; as very quickly becomes apparent when Fitt proceeds to gag and blindfold his buddy and then immediately begins to torment the lad by pouring hot wax all over his chest and belly.

It’s a clearly unusual turn of affairs in a STAXUS scene, and one that will not appeal to all our fans, but it certainly seems to work its magic on these two beauties – most notably Fitt, who gets so enthralled in the antics that he follows his magnificent oral workout on Hanson’s knob with a full frontal assault on the young lad’s ass-hole. It’s an unusual role for the young blond twink – so often the bottom – but it’s one that he pulls off with aplomb. What’s more, it’s followed by the sight of Fitt flip-flopping onto Hanson’s dick, before both guys splatter generous wads of hot jizz in all directions. Kinky and perverse, this scene is a sure-fire winner!

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