Mattias Solich fucks Peter Zuska (William Higgins)


Peter Zuska and Mattias Solich are two skater studs who love to hook up once in a while. They both have big, throbbing cocks that can’t wait to burst, but Mattias decides Peter could use a nice massage first after all the skating. Soon Mattias is massaging Peter’s prostate with his big dick! Enjoy the scene!

Peter Zuska is a very sexy guy.  With his good looks and hot body he is a prime candidate for an erotic massage.  We watch as he strips off and lays on the table. Then Mattias Solich arrives to massage him.  He places a towel over Peter’s sexy ass, then start to massage his back and shoulders.  His hands work well on the back, as Petr relaxes, eyes closed. Working up and down the back the hands move the towel, revealing that hot ass again.  The oily hands get to work on the butt cheeks as well. Then Mattias begins to work on Petr’s legs. With the legs wide apart we glimpse Petr’s balls as the hands work.  The ass cheeks get pulled apart too as Mattias massages them.  He works on the feet too before removing the towel to really work on that sexy ass.  Petr’s tight hole is shown beautifully as Mattias pulls the cheeks apart.  Then we see that Petr’s cock, is shown too, as it is pressed hard against the table. Petr moves onto his knees, so that Mattias can work on that ass some more, and also slowly wank on the cock. As he wanks the cock Mattias takea a vibrator and slides it into Petr’s tight hole. It fucks in and out of the ass as Mattias keeps wanking on the cock.  Then a different toy is used, that is thicker.  That is pushed into Petr’s ass, stretching the hole. Mattias keeps playing with the cock as well. He changes toys again and fucks it nice and deep into Petr’s hole.  Then Petr turns over and lays down, so that Mattias can oil his sexy chest  Mattias then takes hold of the cock again and wanks it some more. The cock gets good and hard and Mattias cant resist sucking on it a while.  Then as he wanks it Petr releases a big, creamy cumshot.  Mattias licks the cock and milks it dry.  Then both of them go off to the shower to clean up.

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