Martin Merlot fucks Peter Moloch (William Higgins)


Martin Merlot and Peter Moloch basically have two things in common: they both have funny “M” last names and they’re both sexy, studly guys! One thing they don’t have in common though is that poor Peter is a virgin…and guess whose big dick is going to take that all away? Enjoy watching Martin plow Peter!

We brought newcomer Peter Moloch in and paired him up with Martin Merlot to see what might happen.  What happened was Peter got his cherry busted.  Not only was it his first time ever doing anything with a guy, he took it up the bumper chute.  Martin starts things off by having a little chat with Peter.  Peter is a little reticent to do anything so Martin pays him some money to encourage him, to remove his shirt and then his pants. Then, upping the ante, he pays even more to have Peter remove his underwear. With Peter fully naked Martin reaches over and starts to rub his leg.  With more money handed over Martin takes hold of Peter’s cock and begins to wank it.  Peter’s cock begins to respond and Martin leans over to take it in his mouth.  He sucks on Peter’s cock which is already quite hard.  Peter helps Martin off with his tee-shirt, but doesn’t get any further as Martin goes back down on that hard cock.  Peter reaches over and begins to grope Martin’s cock in his underwear. Under his touch Martin’s cock gets hard in the underwear.  He then kisses Peter and pushes the underwear down to release his own stiff cock. Peter is quick to lean over and take it in his mouth.  He shows that he can suck good too. He then sits back and let’s Martin go back to work on his cock.  Both the cocks are big and hard and Peter wanks Martin’s as his own is sucked some more.  Then Peter takes another turn at sucking, with Martin fucking his mouth too.  They move to a 69, with Martin on top, both sucking on hot, hard cock. Martin moves Peter onto his knees and starts to rim his hot ass, still playing with his cock as well. With that ass nice and wet Martin lays on the bed and has Peter slide his hot ass over that big cock. He rides the cock with Martin fucking upwards.  Then Peter goes back onto his knees, with Martin behind him, fucking that hot ass deep and hard.  Peter shows that he can take it real good.  Then move again, with Peter on his back, having his ass pounded as he wanks himself.  He wanks so hard and fast and soon he unloads his hot cum over his belly.  Martin continues to fuck that hot ass until he is ready to blow too.  Then he pulls out and  wanks himself until he cums as well.  After a great screentest for Peter Martin leans over and kisses him again.

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