Barry has some hung solo fun (Island Studs)


Barry is a college runner stud, and he certainly matches the runner look – tall, lean, fit but not massively muscular, and surprisingly hung for such a skinny guy! I guess that’s how it always is though, the tall, skinny ones are the biggest! Enjoy watching Barry play with his huge meat!

Big Dick Barry is the Varsity Track Team Captain of the University in Honolulu’s Cross Country Track Team. Just 19, his ripped lean body is one mean running machine! Check out ALL his three EXCLUSIVE Island Studs videos of Big Dick Barry Jerking his 9″ Rock Hard Cock and straying his tight smooth body with jizz! Wow, Barry is a big cummer!¬† Horny Big Dick Barry milks is cock dry daily and it is all caught on video here! He is called “Big Dick Barry” by his team mates, first in High School and now in College after they got a good HARD look at his MONSTER COCK in the gang showers at school. Barry is NOT shy about getting is LONG WHITE ANACONDA Dick hard in the Locker Room for his mates to see. This straight, lean twink, Stands a TALL 6’0, and weights just 155lbs. This friend joke that all of his body FAT is in his LARGE MEAT! Big Dick Barry¬† likes to surf this waves in Hawaii and loves all things Asia, which is why he selected Hawaii to attend college here. Is is proud to be in Island Stud and returns often to Jerk is Man Meat for us all to see. When he graduates he wants to go to Japan to teach English. His current girlfriend loves that he is a nude model and loves that Barry is an Island Stud. Resent Big Dick Barry ‘caught’ her masturbating to his videos on the site. Barry is not only Big Man on Campus, but the Biggest Dick Twink on the Islands.

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