Darren and Shawn play with their balls (Island Studs)


Okay, Darren and Shawn are only playing with one ball – their football! Just like a good pair…of straight friends! They sure are sexy with their matching board shorts and abs! Enjoy checking out these two sexy Hawaiian boys!

Big Dick Darren, the sexy Waikiki lifeguard & surfer is back with his buddy Big Dick Shawn for another Island Studs outdoor Naked Football photo shoot!  Darren, the tan surf stud with the tight body and HUGE cock and balls is NOT shy about being photographed naked with horse hung college football jock Shawn.  If you have ever wanted to see two straight muscle jocks playing sports naked outside, this video is for you!  It is a nudist’s fantasy watching these two smooth athletic men engaging each other in the HOT HAWAIIAN SUN!  Shawn is an experienced football player, having played the Wide Receiver and Kicker positions on his High School football team and in College.  Check out his thick football thighs!  Listen to Shawn confess on camera that he has never played football naked before, but wants to set up an all-nudist men’s team.  “When’s the first game?” he asks while throwing the ball to Darren.  Watch Sean’s tight smooth body move as he works over Darren with the ball.  Both of these boys have ripped sweaty muscles and their BIG COCKS and BALLS bounce around as they play!  The camera catches them from every angle.  Darren’s athletic body comes from hours of surfing and urban parkour.  Watch his big cock and nut sack flop around as he throws and catches the ball with his new Island Stud nudist buddy Shawn.  There is a lot of footage to these two muscle butts and their sweaty ass cracks!  ASS LOVERS should not miss this one!  Just like in our first naked football shoot with Darren & Kaleo on a public beach, the masculine frat boy playfulness of these two solid jocks is a real treat!  Listen as Shawn & Darren start talking totally unscripted about their lives, sports and women!  This is REAL JOCK DIALOGUE that is spoken naturally as they play football together naked.  We get to see and hear ALL the naked fun unedited!  You won’t see nudist action like this anywhere else!  We are putting together a BALLS OUT naked Island Studs Football Team!  Do you want to join them?!

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