Kevin Klein shows off his boyish charm. (Badpuppy)


Don’t you love a sexy straight boy with sparkling eyes and charming smile? Kevin begins slouched down on the couch, timidly answering questions about his sex life. You can tell he’s nervous, but that just makes him cuter. The adorable way he smirks and blushes while answering questions really adds to the excitement that soon he will be getting naked and showing us that hot bod! Kevin quickly does just that, and he has plenty to show off. A nice firm, muscular, young body, and a big low-hanging uncut cock. It is impressive even before he’s hard. Kevin definitely finds his comfort zone when he starts stroking himself, and we’re treated to an erotic session with him gently stroking his taut muscles and pinching his nipples! He rolls over, shows off his tight little hole, and plays with it for us. Kevin then goes back to eagerly stroking that perfect cock until he shoots an impressive load onto his tight chest and stomach! Wouldn’t you just love to help him clean up after?


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