Cutie Dillon Anderson fucks sexy jock Elijah West. (College Dudes)


Dillon Anderson and Elijah West are our sexy stars for this scene, and it doesn’t get any hotter than these two taking their time, enjoying their foreplay, kissing and touching as they lay on the bed next to each other. Dillon undresses his willing victim slowly, starting with the shirt, kissing his nipples, and then the pants, until eventually both these studs are in their underwear dry humping and rubbing their cocks together.

Dillon teases Elijah a little more before finally stripping off those underwear and admiring that dick, but Elijah has other plans and he goes for Dillon’s juicy prick, licking and sucking until Dillon returns the favor and gets him hard with some oral. Lucky man Elijah gets his tight little asshole rimmed and licked before Dillon lubes it up and slides his hungry cock inside of it, burying himself in that tight hole as his body covers Elijah’s, making it impossible for him to move away as Dillon dominates that ass.

He fucks him harder and deeper with each thrust, entering him from different positions as Elijah moans for more until he cums all over himself, making Dillon have to pull out and drain his huge cock onto Elijah!

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