Lyle is such a cute skater. We’re so glad that he’s back! (Island Studs)


18 year old, Skater Boy Lyle is BACK, showing off his fantastic, uncut foreskin as he skates in his High School’s Skate Park in Public fully naked in the morning sun! Watch this horny high school twink caress his BIG hairy ball sack as he strokes his thick uncut cock, after he works naked in the garden as our nudist house boy in this EXCLUSIVE video for Island Studs! This is Lyle’s second time playfully walking around the garden naked, picking up Hawaiian Passion Fruit and shooting gobs of boy juice on camera for us all to see on Island Studs! Standing a Tall 5’11 and weighing 170 lbs, Lyle has cut his head hair short, for the winter Island Heat, but has left his thick bush of dick hair untouched for his second hot photo session! When horny Lyle strips off his skater shorts, we get to see his perfectly smooth, tight athletic body and a FULL BUSH of soft dick hair, surrounding his beautiful, uncut cock. His foreskin is so thick and long, it completely covers the entire head of his soft cock as he stands naked talking to us in the tropical garden. This virgin twink has massive BALLS! Watch as he slaps his boy cock into his open hand to make his uncut cock swollen arouse! This horny lad has a super veiny dick, once fully erect, his big dick head is still covered with his thick fantastic foreskin! With a laugh and a sweet, playful, young boy smile Lyle grabs his skateboard in one hand and his BIG, beautiful, uncut, throbbing, boy boner in the other and begins to stroke this thick cock with pleasure! Our cameras glide between Lyle’s smooth legs as he jerks revealing his low hanging balls and his sweet white skater boy butt. Watch as Lyle walks down the driveway fully naked carrying his skateboard heading to the local Skate Park. “It feels better in the breeze with my shorts off,” he replies, when I ask him how he likes skating in the nude for his very first time! If you have ever wanted to watch a real 18 year old skater glide around BALLS OUT on his board, this Lyle video is not to be missed.  Dick hair lovers will appreciate that Skater Boy Lyle has never trimmed his thick bush of All – American dick hair! Watch his massive uncut cock and low hangers dangle between his smooth, ass cheeks as he mounts his LONG SKATE BOARD in the public park for all to see. Back at the house and still naked, I put Lyle to work collecting fallen Hawaiian Passion Fruit (Lilikoi) in the Tropical Hawaiian Garden, wearing only his skate shoes and holding a bucket! It is so sexy to watch this fresh 18 year old, high school skater walking around the house fully nude and bending over picking up fruit! Lyle’s beautiful white virgin ass spreads WIDE OPEN as he bends and reaches for the yellow round fruit. As his smooth ass cheeks open, we get to see Lyle’s pink around boy butt hole and this fine bush of boy butt hair surrounding his virgin hole!  As our Nudist House Boy, Lyle poses with his bucket full of Passion Fruit before I put him to work AGAIN trimming the flowering ginger plants in the garden. Young Lyle loves his naked house chores!  Only Island Studs offers real young Island Boys working outdoors in the nude, throughout the year!  Looking like a young Tarzan Boy, Lyle gets to work trimming ginger! Wow! What a sight indeed! We get to see Lyle’s smooth body and bubble butt from EVERY imaginable angle, as he chops the thick stalks of the red torch ginger! This is some of the very BEST of our Naked Worker Series ever filmed! Check out how low his Big, Low Hangers dangle past his white ass, as he works in the sun! After his dirty, nudist garden work, I ask this cute twink to sit in a chair in the tidy garden and jerk off!  Lyle strokes his uncut meat with all the excitement of a high school jock. Check out all his beautiful bushy dick hair, as he pulls on his foreskin! When I leave him all alone stroking in private, horny Lyle stares directly into the camera and smiles at all of us as he plays with his thick yummy foreskin. Watch as he grabs his big ball sack and massages his nuts with his closed fist! All caught here in private video!  Check out all the man hair between his furry ball sack and his hairy exposed asshole as he beats off. Our cameras capture every intimate moment as Lyle pleasures himself and his beautiful uncut cock! With and awkward moan, Lyle  shoots LOAD after LOAD of creamy boy juice all over the pavement between his wide open legs. Watch an amazing fountain of cum explode from his thick, fantastic foreskin! This Island Stud is a STRONG, CUM SHOOTER! With is cock half hard and covering in shiny cum, Lyle stands up and walks into the large outdoor shower. Watch his semi hard, uncut dick bounce around in the water while he takes a SEXY shower! Seeing Lyle soap up his HOT BODY and shampoo his newly cut head head  hair in the warm water is so sexy! But wait! He even shampoos his awesome bush of dick hair with foamy shampoo, as his swollen cock drips creamy water! We are so pleased that 18 year old Skater Boy Lyle is back on Island Studs – for another horny virgin jerk off shoot! This sexy smooth High School twink with the massive uncut cock is not to be missed!

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