Ginger cutie Neil blows a huge load. (Southern Strokes)


A 22 year old Southern Ginger that is down for whatever is exactly how we like them here at Southern Strokes. Neil is all ginger from head to toe with beautiful light smooth skin and a sweet but masculine face.

I will never pass up a ginger so when I found Neil, I pulled out all the persuasion I could muster to get him to come and do a video for us. He finally relented and agreed but I was surprised when he actually showed up at the door.

He admitted that he is shy but something happened to him when we shut up and turned on the cameras. Neil grabbed his ginger cock and worked it until his mushroom head was purple and about to burst. He gently rubbed his body as he fucked his hand and opened up his legs.

Once Neil’s fingers found his smooth pink hole, Neil started to moan louder and louder. Neil kicked his head all the way back and yanked out a geyser that shot a foot in the air before drenching Neil’s ginger bush.

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