Elijah West and Tyler Rush get into a sticky mess. (College Dudes)


Elijah West and Tyler Rush…what a pair! These two studs are into each other from the start, and the chemistry between them makes it so much sexier as they kiss and lose their clothes piece by piece. Elijah slowly moves his way down to Tyler’s cock, taking that sweet cock between his lips and pulling it in and out of his mouth, getting Tyler’s blood racing as that cock grows bigger and bigger.

But Elijah is in the mood for some oral, and Tyler doesn’t object, he eagerly gets on his knees and sucks Elijah off, making him hard so that Elijah can fill Tyler’s ass up. Tyler lies back on the couch, spreading his ass apart for Elijah, who enters him and then fucks him slowly at first, then pounds him a little harder and deeper, stretching Tyler’s ass around his throbbing dick as he moves in and out.

They move from the couch to the footrest and Tyler sprawls out on it, ass up and ready to receive Elijah’s juicy prick, and Elijah sticks him with it and fucks him hard and deep. One more position change, with Tyler on his back, legs open and ass full of cock, and he busts a nut onto his stomach, followed by Elijah, who adds his hot cum to the mess!

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