Hottie Nicoli Cole spends some alone time with the camera. (Dallas Reeves)


Nicoli Cole is taking a relaxing break outside. All by himself, Nicoli is nevertheless hot and bothered. His cock is hard, showing a big bulge in his underwear. As he stares into the camera, he whips it out, taunting the camera with his delicious cock. As the underwear come off, Nicoli strokes it He grabs firmly just under the head and motions briskly upward, cupping his balls and closing his eyes. Nicoli’s sexy abs really pop out as he jerks, and soon, his fingers that had been grabbing his nuts drift downward. As he tentatively sticks the tip of his fingers in his asshole, he throws his head back in pleasure. Continuing his al fresco show, he rubs his six pack and grabs his big toned pecs, loving his alone time almost as much as he likes sex. Several minutes into the session, he gets a little more comfy by leaning on his side – when he does, his cock and pink hole are both visible at once. Nicoli then hops up onto his knees to continue. Is he thinking about fucking a tight ass or getting pounded himself? Whatever is going on in his head, it is clearly a great fantasy. He licks his fingers to give himself some natural lubricant, and wanks even faster. As he picks up the pace, his breathing gets heavy. Before long, Nicoli gets what he has been after – an amazing orgasm! He sprays a thick, creamy load all over his stomach while shoving his fingers up his manhole.


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