Colt McGraw is one hot farmer boy! (Southern Strokes)


We grabbed out straight boy Colt as soon as he walked into the house and took him back into the shower before he changed his mind. Colt is solid from head to toe with a hot smooth body that is cut and defined in all the right places.

We chatted Colt up long enough to hear about his affliction for midgets before we turned on the water so Colt could jump in. Colt took off his shirt and dropped his sweats to the floor and let the water run over his smooth body.

Colt grabbed his dick and slowly started yanking it in the water. He leaned back up against the shower stall and worked the blood into his long fat shaft. Colt’s cock kept getting bigger and bigger until we were all amazed and this huge piece of meat.

Colt sat down on the shower bench and let out cameras get full view of every inch of his body. Colt starter milking his cock faster and faster and then he slowed things way down and held his breath until a really thick knob of cum forced its’ way out of his swollen pee slit.

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