Jack Rayder and Frankie V have a sexy flip flop. (Cocky Boys)


Frankie V is back! And as always, he’s bringing a hot boy with him. This time it was Jack Rayder who had just turned 20. And they were in Canada. Which means they were legal and free to do whatever they wanted. And that means only one thing – trouble! Frankie threw Jack a mini birthday party and after a couple of shots they were ready to hit the town! Out in the gay village in Montreal the boys felt free to really be themselves and they weren’t afraid to show their affection for each other. However, in Montreal, the go go boys dance naked which by the end of the night got Jack and Frankie horny as hell. In the morning, when they woke up, they were finally ready to act on it and release all that pent-up energy from the night before.

Being that both Jack and Frankie are totally versatile, they did everything to each other- both dicks got sucked and both asses got fucked. First Jack goes down on Frankie but he also couldn’t wait to feed him his own dick too. After that he eats Frankie’s ass like it was his birthday cake and then plows it deep and hard. Frankie then lays on his back and shows off his hard cock while getting fucked and inviting Jack to sit on it. Jack of course doesn’t wait for a second invitation and hops on Frankie’s massive cock and starts riding it as hard as he can. For the grand finale they both shot their loads on Jack’s chest leaving no dry spot on it. Now that’s the way to celebrate a birthday!


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