Cuties Troy Vara and Edward Fox get soapy and sticky! (Staxus)


There’s just something about twinks frolicking about in a bath-tub that gets the juices going pretty much right from the start – a fact that director John Smith takes full advantage of in this terrifically playful escapade featuring Troy Vara and new boy, Edward Fox. Indeed, any pretence of a photoshoot with these two young beauties is quickly abandoned as they take full advantage of the situation to tease each other’s young bodies; then promptly engage in a hardcore session of cock-sucking that’s almost enough to get you jerking off prematurely.

Hold on tight though, lads! Things get even more intense as the two young beauties beach themselves by the side of the water to engage in some really satisfying ass-rimming, before Vara pressures several of his fingers into Fox’s hungry little pucker. Needless to say they slip in really easily, and it’s pretty obvious that Fox is eager to get his buddy’s rigid, uncut shaft deep inside him. An ambition that Vara himself is only too keen to bring to fruition; pounding his way into his pal’s guts, before the two boys return to the water so that Fox can ride the meaty pole cowboy-style.

It’s at this point that you probably begin to realise that the newbie isn’t quite as innocent as he might like you to think, given the articulate manner with which he rides Vara’s joy-stick; but that of course makes the whole experience all the more sublime, culminating in the fellow rupturing his bollocks all over his lean, toned abdomen. Then Vara calls it a wrap by creaming Fox’s ass; before re-inserting his cock and finally gaping the spermy hole in full glory!

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