Ryan Kai shows off his Japanese assets. (Bentley Race)


Check out the discovery notes from Bentley Race…

When I first met my 21 year old mate Ryan Kai I gave him the ultimate exhibitionist test. How would he go getting naked on my roof in the middle of the city? Well it turns out that it was no problem for the Japanese hottie at all. We had been taking a whole lot of photos in the building’s stairwell before I suggested he pop out on to the roof wearing just his undies and trainers. In fact Ryan was getting pretty turned on by the idea. He was getting hard as soon as he dropped his jocks for some quick cheeky nude shots. I like Ryan a lot. I think he will feature regularly on BentleyRace this year. Make sure you check out his wanting video where he shoots a tonne of cum all over himself.

Click here now to check out the full scene at Bentley Race.

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