Leo Cooper and Mark Zebro have a hot outdoor flip flop. (Sweet and Raw)


Dressed in their former military gear, Mark Zebro and Leo Cooper are out in the woods when they stumble on an abandoned barrack, complete with makeshift shower. The cold water in the drum doesn’t stop these two from burning up with horniness! After making out and stroking each other, Mark gives Leo a blowjob before offering up his own huge, fat dick for service. Leo sucks and licks Mark’s big balls before bending over. Mark pumps his thick slab in and out of Leo’s sweet, pink fuckhole before stepping off to the side to ride Leo’s own dick. We’re treated to some mouth watering shots of Mark’s cock, fully hard, as it swings round and round while he bounced up and down. But big dicks are made for fucking, preferably bareback and these two sex freaks once again swap, this time, laying on the ground. Mark slides home, stretching Leo before taking him on all fours and blasting a creamy load all over his gaping hole. Mark seeds Leo before the handsome stud stands and blows all over Mark, who lovingly tastes his jizz and shares it with his former military buddy

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