What an intense fuck! Donny Forza drills Nicoli Cole. (Dallas Reeves)


Back in March, we featured the hot scene with Johnny Forza fucking Nicoli Cole. ┬áToday it’s Donny’s turn to fill Nicoli’s nice bubble butt.

Donny Forza and Nicoli Cole return from a long workout, with Donny complaining about his hamstring. Nicoli, who never misses a beat, quickly offers to massage his leg. As Donny drops his shorts, Nicoli’s hands are on him faster than a cannonball. Donny is sporting some major wood in his briefs, which draws Nicoli’s attention. Before long, Nicoli is on his knees with Donny’s cock in his hands sucking on his balls. Donny, already feeling a little relaxed from the leg rub, leans back to enjoy the service. Nicoli is a master cocksucker, and he relishes each and every inch of Donny’s pole, from the head all the way down the shaft. Donny ends up returning the favor, and his eager mouth engulfs Nicoli’s hard-on. Nicoli wants more cock, though. Soon Donny has Nicoli bent over on the floor barebacking the living daylights out of him. Using some spit to get things a little more slippery, Donny pounds away. Nicoli’s beautiful bubble bottom jiggles as Nicoli moans in pleasure. This is turning into one hot post-gym raw fuck! Donny goes for the long strokes, with his head almost coming completely out with each stroke, then delving back all the way balls deep. This rough fucking is just the way Nicoli likes it. The eager power bottom wants to ride Donny while he takes his dick, so Nicoli orders Donny to sit down. Placing his hole right over Donny’s pole, Nicoli slides down and then proceeds to get slam-fucked from beneath. As he gets railed, Nicoli works his dick with his right hand, getting ready for one hell of an orgasm. His groaning reaches a fever pitch as Nicoli gets ready to blow his load, and he passionately reaches back to kiss his top. When Donny starts licking his nipples, it is all over. Nicoli busts a huge load as Donny shoves his cock rapidly in and out of his ass. Donny shoots his load immediately afterward all over Nicoli’s asshole and then shoves his still-erect dick back inside for a few more strokes.

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