Carson Carver hooks up with his crush Colt McGraw. (Southern Strokes)


So Colt had been staying at the ranch for a while when we got a call from Carson. Seems that Carson had a major crush on Colt and he found out he was staying at the ranch so he asked us he we could try and hook up a video for the two of them.

We spent a good part of Colt’s visit talking about how he’s getting comfortable with guys and ready to maybe push his boundaries a bit. Carson hopped in his car as we were talking to him on the phone and letting him know that Colt was down.

It was a scorching Texas afternoon so the guys hung out by the pasture fence where Colt was leaning back and chilling. Carson immediately dropped to his knees and took Colt’s mammoth cock in his mouth and sucked it until Colt was throbbing hard.

Colt bent Carson over the fence post so he could get a clear deep shot at ruining his asshole. Carson got was he was bargining for and he got it deep. Both guys marked their territories by painting the fence with their cum loads.

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