Cute 19 year-old Todd jerks a load. (Active Duty)


Todd’s 19, hails from Chicago, and like I said, he’s a bit of a slim jim — 6’1′ but only 170 pounds, practically skin and bones! But that’s ok, because his bone is the best part, measuring at an incredible 8 inches of pure beef jerky. It’s long and slim like him, with a big mushroom head on top. I get him to strip down, but I tell him to leave his boxers and beater on for a little spin & twirl. He seems really embarrassed for some reason and then I find out why — he’s wearing a pair of boxers with a huge hole in the back, and his ass-cheeks are just hangin’ out like a full moon. Todd gets comfortable on the bed and works up his stiffy to its full length, pulling on the head gently to keep it aroused but not ready to finish so soon. He works it lightly for a while and even turns over to give us a wink with his tight little virgin butthole. Then he flops over again and gets serious, jerking his cock to climax. He gives a final coy little smile as the camera closes out, and hints that he’d love to get someone else in there with him for another scene.

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