Kent sprays his load all over the patio. (Southern Strokes)


One thing I love about the Ranch is the guys that just seem to drop on by and they do some of the craziest things. Kent is a straight country boy that showed up at the Ranch one hot afternoon just wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt.

Kent is 20 years old with a naturally smooth chest and abs and a thin trail leading down to his hairy crotch. Kent unzipped his jeans and pulled them down far enough to pull out a nice thick cut cock and a set of balls that look like they are carrying a big thick load of country cum.

Kent pulled off the jeans and got on his knees giving us a great look at an amazing little ass but the main event was still going on with his left hand gripping and tugging his veiny shaft. Kent said he likes it a little rough so I wasn’t surprised at his aggressive jacking technique.

Kent gave us a good teasing as he work his load up out of his full balls and thru his shaft building up the pressure with every quick stroke. Kent grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight and then the damn was opened up and Kent watered out garden with his yummy juice.

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