Joey Lorenzo plays with a new toy. (Dallas Reeves)


Joey Lorenzo walks into the living room in a jock strap and a dildo – This young stud knows how to start a night out right! He leans over onto the couch and shoves his toy into his ass. Joey has a nice bubble butt, and his asshole has a light amount of hair. His hole is pretty and pink. As he shoves the dildo in deep, his toes curl up and he lets out some great moans, all the while knowing that we are enjoying his bubble butt. After a few minutes of anal penetration, our young friend stands up and takes off his jock strap. With his hard dick in his hand, he begins to stroke. Then, not wanting to miss any sensation, he lies down and sticks the toy back in his hole while he is jerking. Finally he gets into another position so that we can see his ass and cock and balls all at the same time. The pace of the penetration gets more intense and Joey’s moans become louder. Once he is close, Joey lies back down to bust a nice creamy load all over himself.


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