Ares is such a collegiate cutie. (Chaos Men)


Ares had been trying to submit himself to the site for almost a year. He said the mails kept bouncing, and then finally they through. Not sure what was going on with that, but glad the application arrived!

He is local, and his girlfriend does adult video too. The two were made for each other. She is bossy and domineering in bed, and he is very passive and loves BDSM stuff. Apparently she has a big strap-on that she takes to him.

He seems split right down the center on liking guys and girls. He likes a dude to take control, and of course fuck him, while eating out his girl, or even fucking her. I think we have a kinky bottom on our hands!

Ares has a surfer boy vibe. I really like his longer hair because it suits his attitude. Though, I wonder if it will get in the way when he sucks cock. It does fall into his face a lot, and girls usually have to have their hair held back while sucking. Not sure he has enough to pull that trick. So I did suggest some shaping of the hair, but overall I like the longer hair on him.

His solo rocks! He is really into it, and puts on a great show. He has a great cock on him for sure. He is working on growing back the pubes. His girl promises to keep the razor away from him.

Ares is a fan of the site, and pretty sure his ideal starting scene would be an Edge video. So look for that next week!


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