Cuties Carson Carver and Logan Taylor fuck around. (Southern Strokes)


Logan is one of those models that you just wish you could do so much more with. Logan might just be one of the hottest straight boy bottoms here at Southern Strokes. He is all man and everything you would expect to find on the football field on any given Friday night in the South.

Carson has been knows to take some aggressive fucking in his time but we thought we should bring him back and let everyone see that he knows how to use his cock. Carson and Logan have spent quite a bit of time together off camera so this is just like to good ole boys fucking on a hot Texas summer day.

These two straight boys made out like they were on prom night before Carson grabbed the back of Logan’s head and made his taste his hard cock. Carson then put Logan on all fours and pried opened his tight hairy hole with his lubed up meat.

Logan wanted it as deep as he could get it so Logan propped his hole up in the hair and Carson stood above him and gave him a good pile driving. Logan begged for Carson’s cock and especially his nut. Carson finally was done with Logan’s hole so he finished himself off by spray painting Logan’s prized ass.



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