Cute sporty twinks Austin and Leo fuck around. (EuroboyXXX)


After a quick knock about our handsome lads, looking extra sexy in their footie gear – head back to Leo’s flat – and we know what for. They snog, tasting each others spit, feeling each others tongue as they fumble with the bulging material of each others shorts, then reach inside to gently push back the foreskins of those cocks as they grow. Leo’s a total bottom, horn dog and we make sure we get in very close for those penetration shots with Leo on top and strapping Austin taking all of the little lads weight as he rides the meat. There’s no one as bendy as a sporty, randy nineteen year old so Leo is bending himself into all sorts of shapes for deeper harder penetration. He’s not very experienced but he knows what he wants. The horny, bendy lad will bend over backwards and stand on his head to please and he does, with Austin dick still dipping right in and out of his aching hole. And with your legs that far in the air, there’s only one way the spunk can flow!


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