18-year old Maka shows off his worked out island bod. (Island Studs)


Maka is a very sweet 18 year old native Hawaiian High School athlete with a BIG UNCUT juicy cock and powerful athletic thighs that he shows off as he works out FULLY NAKED on a black sand beach and skinny dips in the open ocean and swimming pool after scrubbing the outdoor sun deck in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! Check out this unique video featuring this sexy Island Studs’ newcomer as he works naked outdoors for the first time on the island of his birth! Feast your eyes on every inch of Maka’s smooth naked body as he climbs down a jagged lava rock cliff barefoot and fully nude with his own camera dangling around his bare chest. I invite Maka to a seduced black sand beach to photo him while he photographs nature! What a beautiful naked nature boy! This local Hawaiian boy stands 6’0″ tall and weights 165 lbs. He excels in ALL sports in high school and is a complete water man: cliff diving, swimming, and surfing! Confident and well educated, Maka does not mind posing naked for the VERY FIRST TIME on camera here! Yet another hot Island Studs exclusive model! Maka works out on the beach fully NUDE! Watch as he does a round of pull ups from a tree branch and stands on his hands completely naked with his thick uncut Hawaiian cock dangling in the air… all caught on video! Check out his HUGE thighs and furry muscle butt when I put young Maka to work pressure washing and sweeping up leaves back at the house, wearing NOTHING at ALL! We get to see nudist Maka’s tall smooth tan muscular body from every angle was he works and walks around outside doing his chores, unaware of the camera. His low hanging nut sack and beautiful uncut cock slap against his white thighs as he works! This sexy Hawaiian lad has extra thick foreskin that nearly covers his large dick head. See naked Maka bend over as he works with his heavy low hanging boy BALLS dangling between his thick hairy legs. Maka’s cock and thighs become covered in dirt as he works unaware of our cameras. To clean off, nudist Maka takes a hot soapy shower outdoors in the sun. Watch as he lifts his legs to scrub his dirty feet, giving us a great view of his furry boy butt and ass crack. To cool off, Maka jumps into the swimming pool to play. Feast your eyes on Maka’s beautiful muscle body as he does back flips into the swimming pool. Look at the smile on his young Hawaiian face as he plays with himself in the pool. Our nudist house boy continues to sweep up around the pool deck with joy! “I’m available for hire,” Maka states as he looks directly into the camera. “But my only requirement is that I work naked!” he continues with his cute tan Hawaiian face smiling at us! Would anyone want to see Maka the Naked House Boy around their home? Don’t miss Island Studs’ exclusive new Hawaiian Maka and his thick uncut cock and sweet High School boy smile. We are pleased this 18 year old Hawaiian Farm boy is here to entertain us with his perfect naked jock body! Enjoy this HOT NEW exclusive from Island Studs.


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