Sexies Kory Houston and Javier Cruz have a hot flip flop fuck. (College Dudes)


We’ve got Kory Houston in the studio today, but this guy isn’t a model you’ve seen before, he’s Javier Cruz’s friend and fuck buddy, here today to have some fun and show Javier a good time. They begin with some kisses until Javier can’t resist his craving for some good cock and he sits on the bed and takes his friend’s huge dick out, putting that fat cock in his mouth and working it with his hand and tongue as his partner watches him from above.

When it’s Javier’s turn for oral he sits back and runs his hands along his fuck buddy’s body, feeling his muscles and smooth skin as he gets his long cock pleasured. But Javier’s dick isn’t the only thing that gets licked today as Kory Houston buries his face in Javier’s ass, rimming his asshole while Javier slowly jerks his own cock. Enough with the oral and rimming, Javier’s friend is looking for some ass to pound and Javier offers up his tight hole, which his friend quickly fills with his huge prick, fucking slow until Javier’s ass stretches to his size.

After a few minutes of fucking, they flip and Javier rims Kory’s hole then sticks him with his meat and starts pulling his cock in and out. When Javier grabs Kory’s cock and starts jerking it while he’s got his dick deep inside of him, Kory shoots a huge load and Javier takes that as his cue to pull out and bust a nut!


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