All-state wrestler Brad shows off his 19-year old hotness. (Island Studs)


Athletic 19 year old Brad is everyone’s High School wrestler fantasy. He was a popular All-State player on his school team in Washington State and he has the legs, big thighs and killer butt of a true high school wrestler! A real Polish / American, he is blessed with a classic uncut European dick – beautiful & long with a tight helmut head of foreskin! I met Brad smiling behind the counter of the hamburger joint where he works while attending Community College in Honolulu. It was Brad’s suggestion that we shoot at a ‘remote’ location in the mountains of Eastern Oahu. After an hour hiking in the jungle with him and his college roommate Tony, carrying all my equipment, we came to a beautiful spot… but there were people hiking everywhere! As we passed a group of guys on the trail, Brad greeted a classmate he recognized. We shot this footage while these young fratmen and other hikers passed by, just out of view of Brad’s naked body. Listen closely and you can hear them as they march by below, unaware that Brad is fully nude above! This is Brad’s first time posing nude in front of a camera and it shows. “I’m a little jittery, but ready to go!” he says when I ask him if he is nervous. Watch just how nervous he is when I ask him to strip out of this boxer shorts out in public! Once nude he is VERY nervous knowing Tony his other classmate are so near. Listen also for his nervous laughter when I ask him questions while he is naked and comment on his rockin’ smooth gym body! But like a true sportsman, Brad conquers his fear and continues with the shoot! He is even comfortable enough to show off and does a set of nudist pushups on a rock! Like DJ Berkley and Kawelo, Brad has both his tongue and his ears pierced. He explains that he first got his ears pierced at the age of 7! Watch him enjoy sucking on his tongue piercing as he prepares to bust a nut! Included is a very long voyeuristic scene in which beautiful Brad is left standing alone in the woods and begins to masturbate. With just the camera watching him, his fine uncut cock grows from a limp floppy cock to a raging uncut hard dick in just minutes. You even catch him checking us out as he looks into the camera several times while jerking off alone! It is fun to spy on a young buck while he jerks off all by himself. Watch how he really gets into being naked outdoors and starts to play with his smooth nut sack while he lubes up his rigid Polish sausage! Brad is a special Island Stud with a real athletic body and super polite personality. We know we will return for more burgers!


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