Borek Sokol drills Marion Anel until Marion is covered in cum. (William Higgins)


We have a wonderful cherry-busting screentest today, with Marion Anel and Borek Sokol. This was Marion’s very first time taking it up the bumper chute. We did see him doing so in the latest Wank Party, but this screentest was filmed before that, and was so good we put him straight into that Wank Party. For the screentest we paired him with the ever reliable Borek Sokol. As we join them Marion is sitting on Borek’s knee, having his chest and abs kissed. Then Borek kisses Marion on the mouth, getting the response he wanted. Borek takes off his tee shirt and continues caressing Marion’s hot body, and kissing him. Then Borek stands and removes Marion’s tee shirt. Marion’s cock seems to be hard in his pants, judging by the bulge. Borek kisses him again and then pulls down the pants. Marion’s stiff cock flops out and Borek gets himself naked too. Both are nice and hard as Borek takes hold of both cock and wanks them together. The each thrust their hips in fucking motions as Borek holds the cocks together. He then drops to his knees and takes Marion’s beautiful dick in his mouth.. He really knows how to suck and does a great job, with his lips wrapped tight around the cock. Then he licks it too, holding onto the balls as he sucks. Marion fucks his cock into Borek’s eager mouth. Then Borek lays Marion on the table, lifing his legs in the air. This exposes Marion’s hot hole and after sucking on that cock some more Borek’s tongue finds the hole. He tongues that tight hole and sucks on Marion’s cock, get him nice and wet. Borek’s fingers find the hole too and rub over it before he rims it again. Marion seems to love the action and is certainly ready when Borek presents his cock for sucking. Marion takes it in his mouth and sucks it as he wanks himself. Borek shoves his cock all the way into Marion’s mouth, right down to the root. Marion manages to take is all as it is fucked hard into his mouth. Then Borek decides it is time for some ass. Lifting Marion’s legs again he slides his throbbing, wet, cock into that tight ass and fucks it hard. Martion moans as he takes the rock hard cock. Borek really throws him a good hard fuck, stretching that hole nice and wide. Marion wanks himself as Borek keeps fucking him as hard as he can. With all that fucking and wanking Marion soon reaches the point of no return and shoots his hot, creamy load all over his belly. As he milks every last drop of cum out of his cock his ass still takes Borek’s dick. Borek keeps up the fucking, turning Marion over and shoving his dick back into his hot hole. Marion is kneeling on the chair as Boreks slams his dick deep into that hole. He moans as he takes all. Then Borek is ready to cum too and pulls out to shoot his hot cream over Marion’s sexy chest. Marion takes the sticky cock into his mouth to clean it off. He sucks the rest of the cum out of that cock and, after telling Borek how much he enjoyed it all, they go off to the shower to clean up.


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