Jirka Mendez drills Miro Keta’s virgin hole. (William Higgins)


We brought Miro Keta in to get his cherry busted by the ever sexy Jirka Mendez. As Jirka joins Miro he soon has him barechested and is kissing and groping him.  Then Jirka strips off Miro’s jeans and gets to work on his stiff cock.  His mouth sucks on the cock as Miro starts to moan.  Jirka sucks and licks the cock and the balls as he kneels between Miro’s legs. Then it is Miro’s turn to show what he can do.  He gets to work on Jirka’s throbbing cock, showing that he is more than up to the task. Jirka fucks his dick into Miro’s hot mouth.  Miro is able to take it quite deep into his throat.  Then after kissing each other Jirka lays on his back and lifts his legs to let Miro rim his hot, tight hole.  As he tongues the hole he also slips a finger in, just a little way. Then they move, with  Miro on his back and Jirka’s dick deep in his hole.  They moan as Jirka fucks that hot, hairy, hole, going all the way in.  His dick stretches Miro’s ass nicely. As he gets fucked Miro grabs his cock and wanks it. He moves onto his knees, bending over so that Jirka can resume his nice, deep, fuck. Jirka really pounds that sexy ass as Miro lays on his belly.  Then Miro turns over again and they spoon. He wanks himself as Jirka dick works his tight hole. Soon Miro’s cock erupts with his hot, squirting cum. Jirka continues to fuck him until he too is ready to blow.  He pulls out and dumps his load over Miro’s balls.  Then they kiss again, after a very hot session, and go off to the shower to clean up.


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