Sexy and hung redhead Cord blasts a self-facial. (Southern Strokes)


Cord popped up on my Grindr one afternoon as I hanging out in town so I decided to reach out to him and say hello. One look at his face and you will know why I couldn’t resist asking Cord to cum in and get naked for us and maybe play a little.

18 year old Cord has found out early on that he loves to bottom. One of his favorite times getting fucked was when a older guy he knew through him down on the floor and shoved his cock inside Cord’s ass and just started railing him as hard as he could.

Cord let us have a great look at his tight pussy hole as he stroked his fat cut cock. Cord’s closed his eyes on his baby face and imagined himself getting fucked hard and deep by every guy in the room until he couldn’t take it any more.

Cord laid back and put his legs up in the air so that he could drop his load in his own mouth. Cord is a perfect aim shooting his thick stream of cum right into his own mouth and then gargling it a bit before he swallowed it down.


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