Hung Alexander Greene drills deep into Sean Christopher. (College Dudes)


Sean Christopher is going right for Alexander Greene’s goods as these guys get things heated up with some deep kisses, Sean slipping his hand into Alexander’s boxers to get a feel of that big cock! While Sean works Alexander’s dick, he gets his ass felt up by Alexander until they’re both ass naked and on the bed, Alexander’s mouth over Sean’s cock as he sucks that dick and runs his tongue up and down that long shaft!

Sean watches as Alexander works his magic, delivering some amazing oral and sticking a finger in Sean’s ass while he sucks him off. Sean’s up next to give head and he takes Alexander’s thick cock between his lips, getting him excited and then getting into some 69ing where Alexander and Sean each get a face full of ass as they rim, lick and suck until they’re both ready to fuck!

Alexander enters Sean from behind, shoving his meat deep up Sean’s tight ass and then pounding him hard, reaching around to jerk Sean’s cock a little as he fucks him! They try a few different positions, seeing which one allows for deeper, harder penetration as Alexander takes Sean and dominates that ass while Sean strokes his own prick until he’s covered in his own cum, then Alexander pulls out and adds his own huge load to Sean’s, finishing with some kisses.


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