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Paul Belonek fucks Elen Milek (William Higgins)

We first featured blond cutie Elen Milek last week¬†and the response has been incredible. Today he ventures into new territory and has sex with another guy for the first time.¬†paired up with curly haired Paul Belonek. To help ease any nervousness, Paul starts things off with a massage. Blond Elen looks so sexy with his…

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Elen Milek is an adorable blond cutie. (William Higgins)

Why does the Czech Republic have so many hotties like Elen Milek!?! This cutie loves a wide variety of sports including ice hockey and his body certainly shows it. Elen has a pretty outgoing personality and isn’t shy in front of the camera. He proudly shows off his naked body for the camera. Elen has…

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