Paul Belonek fucks Elen Milek (William Higgins)


We first featured blond cutie Elen Milek last week and the response has been incredible. Today he ventures into new territory and has sex with another guy for the first time. paired up with curly haired Paul Belonek. To help ease any nervousness, Paul starts things off with a massage. Blond Elen looks so sexy with his smooth body all oiled up. Elen takes off his jeans as Paul works down his chest.

With Elen relaxed, Paul pays attention to his cock. Elen’s facial expressions tell you how much he enjoys Paul’s cock sucking lips. After Paul drops his pants, Elen gives sucking dick a try. Even though Paul’s cock is rather large, Elen does a pretty good job so the guys move to a 69 position.

With both of their cocks raging hard, Elen works Paul’s cock into his virgin hole. Paul increases the tempo and thrusts deep into Elen. The guys try different positions until Elen rides Paul again and blows a huge load all over Paul’s chest. What an amazing first fuck for Elen! We can’t wait for him to learn more with another stud at William Higgins.

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