It would be nice to see Zeth in lifeguard action (Sean Cody)


Haha, Zeth does have some nice abs! I was about to say that it was a shame we only had a basketball photo instead of a lifeguarding photo…and then, of course, I realized we had nude photos of Zeth! Silly me!

Zeth just turned 19 and his life is all about school and lifeguarding.

“I’ve been a lifeguard for about three years now,” he told us. “I just like helping people. I like seeing people smile.”

Of course, he also likes it because it’s a good way to meet girls.

“It’s great during the summer,” he said. “I meet a lot of different girls. Let’s just say it’s been fun!”

“Do you show off your abs?” I asked. “To attract them?”

He laughed. “Yeah, I guess so. I do…”

Zeth is really sweet and I loved how shy he was. And he does have great abs!

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